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About Me

I am an aspiring Sr. Full-Stack JavaScript Developer that takes pride in continuing to learn and grow my development skills every day. JavaScript is a great language as it gives us the ability to use the same language on both the Client and Server-Side. I especially enjoy working Server-Side as we do many integrations where we need to dictate the flow of data and make sure it is converted to a NetSuite compatible format. At the same time the occasional Client-Side customization is nice to keep the design interests satisfied. Although I work with JavaScript everyday, I know there are many options when it comes to choosing the best lamguage for a project and am interested and open to learning any one if it is the best suited language for what we're trying to accomplish.

Even though I enjoy coding and spend some free time working on projects and learning new techniques, I also enjoy being active and spending lots of time outdoors. Whether we are hiking or skiing in the mountains, playing or watching sports, barbecuing with family and friends, or completing small projects around our new house, my wife and I enjoy being outdoors and appreciating the beautiful world we live in. Work-life balance is important and I feel that a healthy mix helps with productivity as well.

Location & Email

Brian Dumoulin
Denver CO Metro Area

Get In Touch.

I am always looking to expand my ever-growing network. Whether you are new to development and seeking guidance in joining the community, or are someone with an idea or project you would like to collaborate on, feel free to reach out. You can contact me by emailing me at the address indicated above. I look forward to connecting



Full-Stack JavaScipt Development July 2016

400+ hours of hands on web development using the JavaScript based MEAN Stack

University of New Hampshire

B.A. Degree in Sociology May 2009

Minor, Business Administration



Senior Web Application Developer August 2018 - Present

Use JavaScript and the SuiteScript API to design and develop robust integrations and customizations to the NetSuite ERP. Lead development teams and train new team members.


Web Application Developer December 2016 - August 2018

Use JavaScript and the SuiteScript API to develop robust integrations and customizations to the NetSuite ERP.

Coding With Kids

Instructor September 2016 - December 2016

Teach elementary school kids basic coding concepts using Scratch.


Web Development requires continuous learning as the technology we use changes rapidly. Below are skills that I have obtained in the past, but the list is ever-growing and I am confident that I can learn new languages and frameworks as needed for any project that comes my way.

  • JavaScript / Related Libraries & Frameworks
  • HTML
  • CSS / Related Frameworks
  • PHP
  • JSON
  • Free Marker
  • ISO 20022 XML Payment File Formatting
  • Functional & Object Oriented Programming
  • Waterfall & Agile Methodologies
  • Version Control (Git / TFS)
  • Web Hosting (Digital Ocean)
  • REST APIs & Integrations
  • CLI
  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Leadership, Training, & Teamwork