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At Last — A B2B Copywriter Who Speaks "Engineering"

  • Are you selling technical, complex products or services that need strong lead generation marketing materials?
  • Are those materials failing to help your company stand out in technical reviews?
  • Do you want those materials to speak in a conversational tone that's also authoritative and credible?

You market to a technical audience and have innovative solutions to share with the world. But you're busy running the company and generating new ideas. You don't have the time or business-to-business (B2B) copywriting staff to tell your story.

I help engineering and technology companies like your own write their B2B marketing materials. Whether you need a website overhaul, or ongoing content for lead generation, I'll help you write it all. Landing pages, emails, articles, white papers, case studies and more. I'll make them clear so they give you dramatic business results.

Unlike most writers, I’m an electrical engineer-turned-copywriter. So I can better understand the technical aspects of your solutions. My writing will speak to the technical evaluators involved in the buying decision.

Let me be your trusted B2B copywriter that you can turn to time and time again.

Discover what else makes me a different B2B Copywriter …

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"Kevin put together the foundation of my web presence, delivering creditability, reference showcases and an avenue for customer interaction all in one place. He did this with personal dedication to ensure my business got more than I asked for. I'm excited to share my website with potential clients."

Brett Person, P. Eng. — Owner & Founder, Persons Chemical Supply, Calgary, AB


"Kevin writes clearly and has a knack for telling stories. He hits a very good tone for his audience. It feels relaxed and friendly."

Katie Yeakle — Executive Director, AWAI, Delray Beach, FL


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