Limited Edition
The Sky Challenger - Limited Edition is a prototype. We merged all our knowledge into this breathtaking timepiece. The design is one of its kind. It looks sporty - yet it has a classical touch. All the finest materials are used to produce this high end Chronograph. Such as rosegold and ceramic. The movement is a sate of the art automatic chrono movement.
Our Signature
4X Movement
Our 4X Signature Movements are exclusively produced in Japan and Switzerland. They are handcrafted in order to provide highest presicion and long durability. We call this true craftmanship.
Sport Series
Nowadays the market demands a vast variety of watch types. The trend sports sector becomes bigger every year so does its customers expectations and demand for sporty watches. We are prepared for this demand.

Our Vision

When we established our company we had one vision in mind. The vision of freedom. The freedom to manufacture any watch out customers desired. By partnering with the best factories all over the world we made this vision come true. We are proud to say that everything is possible. Wether ist is a 100% custom design or the customisation of a watch from our huge portfolio. Possibillities are endless. 

Strong Partners

During the last years we built up strong and enduring partnerships with the industry leaders in watch manufacturing. The consistency of quality and our loyal and honest relations to our business partners ensure also a long and consistent relation to our customers. Partnering with us is partnering with the market leaders. We know quality and we know the market.

Technical Challenges

We are partnering with the best state of the art watch factories all over the world in order to produce our signature movements. They are handcrafted and can be completely customized. No matter what the customer desires. We face and solve every technical challenge to be a satisfying business partner.


All our watches are manufactured with the greatest care and highest quality standars. We take an ongoing quality control very searious which enables us to meet our customers demands in every way. Only high quality materials are used in order to craft our precious timepieces such a stainless steel and gold coated stainless steel. We can equip the watches with the movements of our customers choice. Nothing is impossible!


About Us

Strong Partnerships For A Better Future

GTM-Consulting is an professional watch manufacturer, with 5 years experience in OEM & ODM. We are well equipped with testing facilities and technical force. All of our products have passed CE and ROHS, which can fit international standard. With a wide range, high quality and stylish artworks, our products will meet your market‘ s requests.We can make customize watches and create designs accordingly to your demands. We will confirm the design with you before production to make sure every details is perfect as required. We are looking forward to cooperating with you to create a better future.