Bandwidth Beyond Description

We keep the vibe alive with Wired and Wireless Internet and Network Solutions in extreme situations; Outdoor Concert Venues, Music Festivals, One Time Events, Expos and more.

We Understand Your Needs

We've Lived It. We've Done It. We Get It.

(309) 324-2516 provides permanent or temporary installs at outdoor concerts and events. Our installs provide redundacy to reduce possible downtime and loss of revenue. Our networks are designed for priority so that important data gets where it needs to go unimpeded by competing traffic. We have experienced the outdoor festival from every angle and understand that connectivity and bandwidth at the critical moments of your event are crucial to your bottom line. Simply put, we get it.

You won't be burdened with additional worries, coordination problems or headaches. Our networks just work.


The Force is With Us

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Ticketing & Merchant SupportDon't risk your bottom line on shaky solutions.

Ticketing agencies and vendors rely on a reliable Internet connection to verify ticket validity, conduct credit card sales, etc. We have have supported companies such as In-ticketing and Ticketmaster and are familiar with their equipment and needs.


Media & Artist SupportPriority Access to those who need it.

Priority network access to the Media, Green Room and Backstage areas of your venue allows media and artists to connect and further promote your event when overloaded cell networks fail.


On-Site SupportWith the wrong or non-existent support your profits could go up in smoke.

Full-time on-site support keeps your operation running smooth and worry free. In critical systems we provide redundant installs and equipment to reduce possible downtime and loss of revenue.